Donnelly students participate in service learning


Learning by Doing (Corporal Works of Mercy)

At Donnelly, we believe that learning extends beyond the classroom and into the community. As part of our 服务学习 initiative, your instructors will incorporate meaningful service that targets real-world needs. 

服务学习 is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience; teaching civic responsibility and strengthening communities.

As part of the Donnelly mission and Strategic Plan, service-learning activities incorporate the corporal works of mercy found in the teachings of Jesus Christ and give students a model of how they should treat all human beings. It is a tradition at Donnelly to host a 服务日 at the beginning of each academic year. 在这次活动中, students fulfill our mission by feeding the hungry, 为无家可归者提供庇护, visiting the sick and incarcerated, burying and honoring the dead and giving alms to the poor.


Student Learning Outcome: 学生 will have the ability to connect academic inquiry to actions that will improve society and serve the community. 

服务学习 courses offered:

  • AS 101第一年经验
  • SF 099 Success First Accelerated Reading & 写作
  • en204环境伦理
  • sc204环境道德
  • sc105环境科学
  • en203文学主题


服务学习 Graduation Cord: 学生 can achieve a 服务学习 graduation cord if they complete and pass four 服务学习 (SL) designation courses.


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