我们的办公室从早上9点开始营业.m. 到下午4:30.m. 周一到周四和周五早上9点.m. 到1p.m. 请使用这个 Calendly链接 安排预约. If you need to arrange an appointment outside those hours, call Dr. 艾萨克·坎波斯,(913)621-8732或 给他发邮件到这里.



职业服务 is here to help students channel their skills and passions toward a fulfilling career after graduation. We offer services that help students identify their skills, explore career opportunities and develop materials to land a future job:

  • 模拟面试
  • 与当地雇主一起参加招聘和实习活动
  • 职业规划
  • 简历研讨会
  • Professional skill-building -- how to send a professional email, 面试着装, 写求职信, 与雇主沟通, 等.
  • 分享工作和实习机会



hg8868皇冠登录入口 uses College Central Network as its official resume and job posting service. 这个专属网站可以 全天候访问 或者点击上面的图标. 学生可以:

  • Apply to jobs and internships posted exclusively for students, and search for other opportunities via 工作s Central and Intern Central (national job boards).
  • Create and upload your resume and career portfolio for employers.
  • Access Donnelly's events calendar and career/job search documents, podcasts, videos and more.

** If you are interested in apply for a full-time or adjunct instructor position on Donnelly staff, 请 请访问我们的职业页面.



Donnelly's 职业服务 department encourages local companies and community organizations to partner with Donnelly students.

每学期, 唐纳利举办了一个工作和实习博览会, featuring more than 20 employers offering part-time and full-time jobs and internships for students, 有些还提供免费培训和学费报销. This is a great opportunity for employers to get in front of students with a booth to showcase their organizations looking to hire college students.

If you are a hiring manager and would like to share your hiring information with Donnelly students, 请电子邮件 careerservices@alvincollegenews.com.

See below for Donnelly's current list of community partners.


  • 首都联邦银行
  • 克拉里奇法院
  • Geico
  • 东北振兴团
  • GSP零售
  • 堪萨斯海港临终关怀医院
  • 堪萨斯城公共图书馆
  • 堪萨斯城,堪萨斯公立学校
  • KCKPD警察运动联盟
  • 学习俱乐部
  • 乐都汇社区
  • 玛蒂罗德斯中心


  • 都市能源中心
  • 大都会保安公司
  • 纽约人寿-埃尔森特罗公司.
  • 玫瑰谷发展协会
  • 证券银行
  • 斯沃普保健服务
  • 特纳动物医院
  • 特纳康乐事务委员会
  • 永科/九龙联合政府
  • 统一政府公共卫生司
  • 美国环境保护署7区

工作 & 实习展销会参与者:

  • 美国家庭保险
  • 比克福德在米森斯普林斯
  • 东北堪萨斯天主教慈善机构
  • Cintas
  • 克拉里奇法院
  • 关怀的基石
  • 第一辆学生交通工具
  • 东北奠定基础
  • 堪萨斯城公共图书馆


工作 & 实习展销会参与者:

  • 自由的税收
  • 玛蒂罗德斯中心
  • 欧弗兰公园警察局
  • QuikTrip
  • 堪萨斯城证券银行
  • 肖尼花园
  • Sunpro太阳能
  • 统一的政府
  • 大堪萨斯城基督教青年会


学生实习 & 带薪职位

Are you interested in learning professional skills while working at an on-campus or off-campus internship?

Donnelly-sponsored, 支付, 实习机会 for the 2022-2023 academic school year will be posted soon. 定期查看更多的机会. If you have questions about your resume or cover letter, 请 电子邮件求职服务.



There are many opportunities for on-campus employment at Donnelly. To access application materials and job descriptions, visit the 经济资助网页 然后点击“体验式学习/工作学习”选项卡.


  • 宝贵的工作经验
  • 探索职业道路的机会
  • 在就业市场上占有优势
  • 适销对路的专业技能
  • 你所在领域的专业人士关系网
  • 信心
  • 全职工作!
并不是所有的实习都能直接找到工作, but many employers value these experiences as vital parts of a college program. To be really competitive in the job market, an internship is an important step. 他们中的一些人甚至给你发薪水!
如果你对实习机会感兴趣, check with 职业服务 on the 2nd floor or on this page regularly. Check deadlines and application requirements carefully before applying, and contact Dr. 艾萨克·坎波斯 有问题的.


There are many exciting options for finding internships any time!  


  • Glassdoor面向学生: This online career community allows job seekers to look through company reviews, 工资, 以及超过340人的面试信息,000家公司由实际员工提交. 学生还可以搜索工作和实习信息. Entry into this service is free through this Donnelly website link. 除了评论和信息, Glassdoor is a great tool to help you search for jobs and internships.

  • Jooble: This online tool is designed to help college students find job openings anywhere in the world. The site contains only trusted employers and it is very user-friendly. 根据SimilarWeb, Jooble is among the top 10 websites in the world in terms of traffic in the "工作s And Employment" segment. 这个网站每天都有数百万人使用.

  • Zip Recruiter是另一个在线招聘网站. 点击这里 在堪萨斯城找工作. 点击这里 实习机会.

  • 职业生涯巡航: This career development software provides you with resources to identify and pursue your goals. Donnelly的学生可以访问 职业生涯的媒人 assessments and can create a free online profile that allows them to explore job descriptions and career paths. To obtain a username and password to access 职业生涯巡航, 电子邮件求职服务 请求一个. 然后, make a follow up appointment with us to discuss the results of your assessments and your next steps.
  • 职业展望手册
  • 堪萨斯州职业前景数据




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Note: If you are an employer interested in recruiting at Donnelly or working with us to develop internships for our students, 请hg8868皇冠登录入口博士. 艾萨克·坎波斯 cfalcon@alvincollegenews.com. 您也可以向我们发送招聘信息 careerservices@alvincollegenews.com. 谢谢你对唐纳利的关心!